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Updated: Feb 21

Ready to dive into why choosing me for your newborn photo session is the perfect decision? Let's get cozy with these 3 simple reasons, plus a sweet bonus!

Preserving Your Newborn's Story:

The newborn phase? Blink, and it's gone. Babies grow at lightning speed, and capturing those fleeting moments is where I come in. Trust me to freeze those tiny details, adorable expressions, and delicate features of your newborn. Let's capture these memories together. 

Personalised Homey Vibes:

Welcome to my home newborn photography studio in Leeds – your home away from home! A newborn session with me isn't just about snapping pics; it's a collaborative, personalised experience. We'll plan together, choose outfits from my client wardrobe, and maybe even include some sentimental items. Your family's story unfolds in my clean and classic style. Plus, during the session, expect a little treat – chocolates, sweets, and all the fluids you need!

Super Friendly and Personable:

Connecting with strangers is my superpower, and it often turns into lifelong friendships. I'm not just here for a quick photoshoot; I genuinely love meeting new people and forming real connections. It's about more than delivering a gallery – I want to see your family grow, witness those tiny babies I once photographed thriving, and be welcomed back into your lives for more precious moments. From our first interaction, you'll notice I'm friendly, passionate, and patient. Booking me might just lead to a new friendship!

Bonus Reason – Because it Matters:

Last but certainly not least – I absolutely love what I do. It's not just a job; it's my passion. Being invested in capturing your moments makes all the difference. As a newborn photographer in Leeds, I'm committed to providing not just great photos, but an unforgettable experience. Photography is not just a job for me; it's a piece of who I am. Let's embark on this beautiful journey together!

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Updated: Feb 20

Leeds family photographer

If these photos don't persuade you to book a photoshoot, then I quit... obviously i'm joking!

It doesn't matter what kind of relationship you have with your parents or parents in-law they are usually the apple of your children's eye. This is only my third set of grandparents that I have had the pleasure of photographing and I literally love the whole experience.

So I'll let you into a little secret, if you didn't realise- these are my girls and these are their grandparents. They've been asking me for months if I would take their photos with my daughters and we finally we got around to doing it. In all honesty, I was dreading it, partly because I was unsure if I would be able to deliver to the same exacting standard as I do for my clients. Mainly because my youngest Camilla doesn't like to have her photo taken unless I'm actually in them! However she was so good and super smiley.

Family photographer in Leeds

When I looked back at these images, my eyes honestly glazed over. I know that in years to come, these photos will be even more special to our family as they are now and I couldn't actually believe I managed to capture the tenderness of their relationship with each other, so well.

This collection of photos will always hold a special place in my heart and all I ask is that you think about doing the same thing! Maybe you haven't even thought about it but get the grandparents involved! Let's capture them. We are so lucky that we can do this now, because I must tell you that the only photograph I have with any of my grandparents is one of me and my dear Grandma. I am sat on her knee at about 8 months old with a white bonnet on my head.

Yorkshire family photographer

Things have changed and we are now so lucky to be able to take photos, print them, make them into books, mount onto canvas, stick them on a cup, cushion or blanket . You name it! I mean personally, it stops at cups for me but you know where I'm going with it. Looking back and remembering these times is going to be so incredibly special. To us all.

I have decided that 2024 is the year for capturing Grandparents. I feel even more sentimental about this because nobody photographed me with mine. I would have loved a collection of photographs just like this, to be able to cherish forever.

Ending with a Lottie Bone Quote as standard...

Menston family photography

“Love is the greatest gift one generation can leave another.” – Richard Garnett

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Updated: Feb 21

Maternity photographer in Leeds

Heyyyyy, welcome, welcome to another blog of mine. This time I am going to be talking about the beauty of motherhood and basically why you should book a Maternity Photoshoot with myself! This is a new session that I am offering and I'm very excited to be doing so! I literally have no idea why I haven't done it sooner because.. well, look at the pictures I've taken- ta da!

Bringing a new life into the world is a magical journey filled with joy, anticipation, and profound beauty- and let's be real for a moment hard-work. It can feel scary and at times completely over-whelming but personally I feel it's the best most rewarding kind of hard-work.

Maternity photography is a wonderful way to capture and cherish the precious moments of this transformative time in a family's life. Once the baby is here, you wonder what your life was ever like without them. Everything changes. Your relationship with your partner will change. Your views on certain things will change, friendships change- for better or for worse. Things that perhaps once were a big deal seem tiny in comparison to now. It is hard, but completely worth it. Trust me there are times when I'm weary, warn out and craving me- time. It's actually funny because my daughter out of nowhere asked me this morning "Mummy, is parenting hard". I have no idea where it even came from but my response was- " times it's really hard but it's the best thing in the world. A lot of the time we are worried that we aren't doing the right thing and sometimes it's just a guessing game..". So there we go!

Why Maternity Photography?

Something I didn't do when I was pregnant was have a maternity shoot. I actually never even thought about doing it at the time. Perhaps because I had a really difficult pregnancy.

However, If I was able, it is something I would have 100% done and I look back now and wished I had because I love looking back at my bump pictures and actually loved having one. I loved taking my weekly photos of my ever growing bump. The picture below is in-fact one of the last pictures I took before Adeline made an appearance in 2018.

Leeds maternity photographer

I love showing my girlies photos of myself pregnant and explaining that it's them in there. I mean the blank expressions on their faces at that moment, is a picture when I explain it to them. It's pretty mind-blowing though.

Maternity photography celebrates the beauty, strength, and love that surrounds the journey into motherhood. It is something that HAS to be celebrated. For some, it's not an easy ride. For some, it isn't as straight forward. Hence why we should celebrate and mark the moment when you are pregnant. I truly believe that capturing your bump is the best way to do this. PLUS once it's gone, it's gone!

I remember throughout my pregnancy you tend to hold your bump and touch it and once it was gone I remember automatically going to do this then realising it was no longer there. Some mothers-to-be really do miss the bump and it can be the saddest part to let go of your pregnancy. Imagine being able to look back and always remember it. Even if it was a difficult one. The outcome is hopefully worth it.

Maternity photoshoot in Leeds

Maternity photography studio Menston

Get the family & paws involved!

Come on, you can picture it now. The siblings cuddling the bump, beautifully captured images of you all together, excited for what's to come. Getting the partner, older siblings & pets involved in the maternity photography sessions can beautifully depict the love, connection, and anticipation for the growing family. I like to encourage natural interactions, gentle embraces, and playful moments to create authentic and heartwarming images. They make for the sweetest images. Trust me. I know you hear me say trust me a lot but it's true! Trust is what you need, to be able to let go and enjoy the moment with your team and myself.

Menston maternity photographer

Yorkshire maternity photographer

Trust me..

I know what you are thinking, why should you trust me, you don't know me. Well recently I had an outdoor maternity shoot with the sweetest couple and the Mama-to-be 'pre warned me' that she was 'awkward' in-front of the camera. I hear it a lot. But honestly, once you've met me, then will you only understand that there is no reason to feel awkward. I never ever judge. I only see the beauty inside and out. I also want you to see what I see. I love my job and want to make everyone feel comfortable and mainly make sure that you are enjoying yourself. Once you trust me, relax and let go, that is when the true beauty is shown. Honestly, it makes such a difference when you just let go and enjoy yourself. I'm the same - I'm only human too! I get so nervous before every shoot, right up until I meet you guys I always have butterflies.

Where shall we do it?

The location and setting is so important! Choosing the right location and setting can greatly enhance the impact of maternity photographs, believe me. Outdoor shoots in natural surroundings, such as a picturesque field or a riverside- yes and yes! This provides a scenic backdrop and evokes a sense of serenity and connection to nature. I have found some perfect locations now, that I know work really well.

Alternatively, an indoor shoot in a cozy and intimate setting, such as the family home or at my natural light maternity photography studio in Leeds, can create a personal & timeless atmosphere. The choice however, is yours.

The panic- What do I wear?

Don't panic. I am here to help. Even if it means you sending me images of your wardrobe or even going shopping for you. I'm here to make sure you pick the right outfit for your shoot. After-all, maternity photography allows mothers-to-be to showcase their changing bodies. Choosing the right wardrobe and styling is essential for capturing the essence of this special time. If you were anything like me I was really self-conscious about particular parts of my body during pregnancy, so it's all about dressing comfortably and right for you and your body.

Flowing dresses which allow soft and beautiful movement are great, fitted dresses that accentuate the baby bump work really well, as well as delicate fabrics like lace can all contribute to creating elegant and timeless images. Off the shoulder dresses are also super flattering. If it's a chilled, natural, casual look you want to go for. Keep it simple with open buttoned jeans, crop top or a shirt work really well.

Maternity photographer in Yorkshire

Yorkshire maternity photographer

When should I book it for?

Get your maternity photoshoot booked in asap. Let's get excited, let's plan it!

Timing is Key: The ideal time for a maternity photo session is usually between 30 and 36 weeks into the pregnancy when the baby bump is beautifully rounded but the expectant mother still feels comfortable. So make sure you leave enough time to get booked in with me and don't forget all new Mamas booking a maternity photoshoot receive a discount & extra pics if they book their newborn photoshoot with me!

Almost done..

So in summary, if you were in doubt about booking a maternity photoshoot, hopefully this has helped you make that decision. You will only regret not doing it. Get out of your head. Live in the moment. Relax and let's do It (literally my motto in life). If you are tempted then drop me a message. Let's chat.

Ending as always with a quote from recent clients who booked their maternity photoshoot with me and did not regret it.

This is the best thing we have done during our pregnancy and it's something that we will never forget. We both had such a great time during the shoot and you made it feel so easy and natural. I have been so excited to see the photos. I quite literally never show photos to anyone, but I have been showing these to everyone! You have captured such a special moment in our lives perfectly and we will forever cherish these photos. I cannot thank you enough for being part of our journey.
We are so grateful Lottie! You've done such a good job and made us feel very comfortable. I'm so glad we captured the bump- we will treasure these forever!
I am so unbelievably happy with the photos from my maternity session with Lottie. She has managed to capture such elegant moments for me and I’m so grateful I have such wonderful photographs of my family and my baby bump to look at forever. Her kind and relaxed nature made the whole experience so positive and exciting. We will without a doubt be booking in for a family shoot once the baby has arrived. Thank you so much Lottie!

Maternity photography Leeds

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