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Hey guys,

Today's post is all about YOU! What I can do for my wonderful clients. New and returning! Lately I have been so busy and I am feeling so extremely lucky for that.

Still, to this day I pinch myself that I am doing this as a job. There is no cooler job. I dare ya. Personally I'm living my best life. I meet new people everyday. My hobby is my job. I get to have the best time getting to know each little individual and their family and no word of a lie, I've said it before and it's true- I love it. One of the best parts for me is that I always feel like at the end of a session I have gained new friends. I'm sorry but it doesn't just stop at our session, once you let me in, I don't go away- In a none, weird, threatening way- I promise!

Anyway, I was thinking the other day about how I could extend my thanks and also how I could make my brand and experience even more special and personal. I want to be able to make sure that those who book with me, know how excited I am to meet you and also how grateful I am that you are welcoming me into your lives. I wanted to do something that would stand out, different from the rest and not for it to be something you would simply put in a draw or worse throw away.

Here come's the good part..

So here it is. From 1st June 2023, if you book any main photoshoot with me, you will be receiving something very close to my heart in the post. It will come gift wrapped, packaged safely and with a little note from me. The best thing is it can be simply posted through your letter box so no missed delivery dramas!

So what is it you ask.. it's a perfectly wrapped, delicious, custom made shortbread biscuit. Now I'm not joking when I say this- I'm biscuit mad. I love biscuits, I basically survived on them throughout both of my pregnancies. So they really are something close to my heart.

Who better to serve you up this deluxe shortbread biscuit than my dear friend Bleu- I have actually known Bleu since secondary school and she like myself took the leap of faith and created her own small business- 'Out of the Bleu'. Check her out on insta @outofthebleuest2021. She is actually amazing. Not only ridiculously talented but her personality sells it for me too. She creates amazing personalised biscuits, brownies, blondies, flapjack you name it!

Newborn, maternity, family and wedding photographer in Leeds

If you came to my Christmas Mini Sessions I gave each family one of these biscuits as a thank you gift after each session. They went down a storm. They are seriously delicious. Ask the kids who ate them. Some of them didn't even make it out of the door with a whole one- no word of a lie. They are made from shortbread and these ones have been designed completely by me- (on brand- obviously). I am so excited to be able to offer this to you guys and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. I find the best way to people's heart is through their stomachs.

Something else..

I also want to extend my thank you even more by offering you guys a 10% discount for any returning bookings on all main photoshoots (minis not included). I love sharing your motherhood journey more than once, it is so special and it's always like seeing a friend the second time. So this needs to be acknowledged with a cheeky discount for you when you come see me again.

I also want to extend my discounts to those who book two sessions at the same time. For example I get a lot of families who book a Newborn Shoot and then a Cake Smash once their baby turns one. If you book your two sessions together with me I will give you a complimentary upgrade to all photos on one of the sessions.

I hope you are as excited as I am. I am always seeking to improve my client experience so I'm sure this won't be the last you will hear from me. Until the next time.

Lottie x

Ending with a quote- as always.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

They look so cute & can testify Bleu’s biscuits are unreal. Well done, you just keep on smashing it!!!


Gerald Farrar
Gerald Farrar
May 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this girl

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