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Wedding Photographer in Yorkshire 

As a wedding photographer in Leeds, Yorkshire, I for one think the best kind of money you can spend is on your wedding photography. Because let's face it, those memories get the chance to live on forever. Your photos will be cherished for a lifetime and trust me, from my experience and talking to so many brides & grooms. Your wedding day really does go so fast, you miss so much and you never get around to seeing everybody. So really the photos are almost a chance for you and your partner and even your loved ones, to relive and savour it all over again. I personally love showing both of my daughters our photos from our wedding day as they weren't even born then. It's really very special.

Are you having a relaxed wedding and looking for a photographer who can capture those happy, natural moments with a handful of natural portraits?

My style is mostly Lifestyle wedding photography, with a handful of gently guided, relaxed and natural portraits. This basically means that I focus a lot on candid photos (especially photos of people having fun!) and on capturing your wedding as it happens - real moments, real emotion.

Wedding photographer in Leeds
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