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Our Chilliest Adventure Yet

I'm not sure you can class this as a blog per se, but I feel the snowfall that we had so unexpectedly in Yorkshire last week, was just magical. I know so many people don't like the snow. Yes, it can be annoying and for some professions it’s an absolute nightmare. However for a photographer it’s a picturesque panorama of beauty.

As a child I loved the snow. The idea of a snow day would keep me up at night. I'll never forget waking up super early because my bedroom would be filled with light- only to pull back the curtains and it had snowed! So much fun, excitement and joy. There’s something about waking up and knowing it has snowed in the night simply by the way the light is reflected into a room through the window blinds and everything that you see is so pristine. Admit it.. you get it.

Snow is an adventure. Snow is fun. Snow is a way for families to slow down. Snow is an extension of Christmas so what a great excuse to get cosy with a hot chocolate, a movie and relax.

Our Snowy Adventure

Adeline has always enjoyed having her photos taken- I can't say the same for Camilla, but it's probably an age thing. So when I asked Adeline if she wanted to go for a snowy adventure and I'd take some photos she was more than enthusiastic- ok I admit she knows I'll give her some chocolates afterwards for co-operating and being so good.

I stepped into the forest (which is just minutes from our house) with Adeline and I managed to capture her running free and wild and enjoying the snow.

These photos are now up in my home and they do actually make me feel quite emotional. Not just because my nearly 5 year old looks like an 11 year old. But I always remember snow days being such a big deal in my house. My Dad who I've mentioned before, was and is still a Photography enthusiast and he used to do exactly the same thing with me, when I was a child. Snowy adventures with a camera. So take a moment and enjoy my serene snowy afternoon.

Camila did of course enjoy the snow as well, if you were wondering, I wasn't mean enough to not have adventures with my littlest but it didn't last that long and it was very hard to capture her when she couldn't even walk without difficulty as it was so deep. The proof below-

Ending as always with a Lottie Bone Quote of the day.

Lottie x

"Children of Winter never grow old".

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