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I'm not sure you can class this as a blog per se, but I feel the snowfall that we had so unexpectedly in Yorkshire last week, was just magical. I know so many people don't like the snow. Yes, it can be annoying and for some professions it’s an absolute nightmare. However for a photographer it’s a picturesque panorama of beauty.

As a child I loved the snow. The idea of a snow day would keep me up at night. I'll never forget waking up super early because my bedroom would be filled with light- only to pull back the curtains and it had snowed! So much fun, excitement and joy. There’s something about waking up and knowing it has snowed in the night simply by the way the light is reflected into a room through the window blinds and everything that you see is so pristine. Admit it.. you get it.

Snow is an adventure. Snow is fun. Snow is a way for families to slow down. Snow is an extension of Christmas so what a great excuse to get cosy with a hot chocolate, a movie and relax.

Our Snowy Adventure

Adeline has always enjoyed having her photos taken- I can't say the same for Camilla, but it's probably an age thing. So when I asked Adeline if she wanted to go for a snowy adventure and I'd take some photos she was more than enthusiastic- ok I admit she knows I'll give her some chocolates afterwards for co-operating and being so good.

I stepped into the forest (which is just minutes from our house) with Adeline and I managed to capture her running free and wild and enjoying the snow.

These photos are now up in my home and they do actually make me feel quite emotional. Not just because my nearly 5 year old looks like an 11 year old. But I always remember snow days being such a big deal in my house. My Dad who I've mentioned before, was and is still a Photography enthusiast and he used to do exactly the same thing with me, when I was a child. Snowy adventures with a camera. So take a moment and enjoy my serene snowy afternoon.

Camila did of course enjoy the snow as well, if you were wondering, I wasn't mean enough to not have adventures with my littlest but it didn't last that long and it was very hard to capture her when she couldn't even walk without difficulty as it was so deep. The proof below-

Ending as always with a Lottie Bone Quote of the day.

Lottie x

"Children of Winter never grow old".

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Hey guys, welcome back to another blog post! I hope you enjoyed my first one. I really enjoyed sharing with you some personal bits and basically how Lottie Bone Photography was born. So here I go again.

This post is going to be slightly different. I am going to share with you 5 reasons why you should book me for your Family Photoshoot- Plus a bonus one! I know how difficult it is finding the right photographer. The right person to let into your precious circle. Trust me, I've been there. So I'm going to make it very easy for you.


So what's the first thing you look for when booking a photographer? From an outsider's perspective I guess you want somebody whose style you like firstly, that is important. You want the images to speak to you, and I guess you want to know who the photographer is and whether you are going to like them/ trust them enough to take the photos that you will cherish forever.

You want somebody who is approachable, who makes you comfortable and most importantly somebody you can trust completely. From the moment you come into contact with me you'll soon work out that I am friendly, passionate and patient. I'm a drama teacher and a parent of two, patience is my forte!

My approach to business is: how I can make you feel special, comfortable and relaxed? I understand that not all babies want to sit and smile, not all babies want to lie there, sleep and look cute. I understand that children have bad days and sometimes don't want to play ball. Hence why if your child wasn't feeling it even after I'd attempted all my magic, I would simply re-schedule for another day, no sweat! Sometimes it's just not their day and they aren't to blame. And that's ok.

A lot of parents email me to book their family photoshoot and nearly all of them tell me that their partner, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, wife, significant other isn't keen and probably won't get in many pictures. This is VERY common. And do you know what every single one has said after? "That wasn't what I expected". "That was actually fun". "I really enjoyed that!" I get it all the time. Just trust me. Get in the photos and make memories with your family. You will never walk away and say "I wish I didn't do that'.


I have learnt through business and generally being on the receiving end of a service, that if the service provider for example, photographer, is putting on an act or they aren't being their authentic self I can tell straight away. And I think it makes everybody more anxious and tense. It does me anyway!

What is wrong these days with being ourselves? Yes to some extent on some `occasions you may need to rein it in slightly. But from the get go I am unopolgetically myself. From the moment you enquire and receive that first message from me, I am nothing but myself. I overuse exclamation marks- it's true! I am overly keen and generally excited that you have considered me for capturing your family. I want my clients to choose my business for me. My style is bright & airy, I focus on the moments that happen naturally and honestly. If I'm authentic I believe that this reflects in how the shoot feels and ultimately leads to being able to capture everybody being themselves.


It's a bit of an obvious one but it's true. And it needs to be said. It makes a world of difference when someone is invested in what they do. My job doubles up as my passion so I always strive to give you the best photos and journey plus also bringing out the best version of yourselves in front of the camera. I am one of these photographers that as soon as the photoshoot has done I go home and look at them all straight away. I get too excited. I also always make sure I send some sort of preview or share an image on my socials from that day.


As I mentioned above I do get so many emails that always mention how somebody in their family, doesn't like getting their photo being taken. My top tip. Don't dread it, it's family time, its adventures, it's memories that we are creating together. Some families like posed photos. The majority just want it relaxed and captured as it happens. This is also my preference. It's where the true magic is captured. Not everybody likes their photos taken, it's true. I think it's mainly because people feel awkward or uncomfortable. Well I try my hardest to make sure everybody feels welcome, happy and comfortable.

It's easy, no pressure, relaxed and honestly- FUN! That is what lifestyle photography is about.

It's perfect for those who feel awkward in front of the camera and want to avoid fake smiles or uncomfortable moments. It's also perfect for capturing genuine moments that bring life to your photos. Plus usually when I'm pulling crazy faces I also make the adults laugh too.


Look, I know the anxiety of the unknown. You've booked your photoshoot, now you just need your children to 'perform'. Well straight away you should understand that being a mama of two I understand all of it. I have the patience that comes with that. I understand children. I've taught drama for 10+ years- trust me. I understand them! I have a few tricks up my sleeves. So don't panic and just trust me. There is never judement here. Just understanding and empathy.


Be silly. Be fun.

Be different. Be authentic.

Be YOU, because life is too short to be anything else.

I want to capture the best images for you and create something really special that you can always look back on, share and remember. Time flies, it really does. It's scary.

I also know what it feels like to not have many photos of the entire family and certainly for me, as I am the one always taking the photos. Make sure you get in the photos, it's something you won't regret once you do it.

I am sure you have been meaning to get a round to booking a photoshoot. But look no further… I’m your woman! I am passionate, caring and truly I'm a really nice person that wants the best for every single one of you.

I always like to stick a quote in somewhere so here's one that serves it's purpose.

“The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.”

Lottie x

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Welcome to my first ever blog post. I'm Lottie - owner of Lottie Bone Photography. Firstly, thank you for coming to read. Perhaps you are my friend, family member, photographer, past client, current client, thinking about being a client... you get the gist.. either way, I really hope you enjoy and perhaps take something away from reading my blog post.

You can expect my posts to always be - honest, real and funny in places. This first post will be a little insight into who I am. You will be able to delve (slightly) into my world. I also promise to jazz it up with some photos. My other blog posts will be a variety of topics. Some I have thought about, others I'm sure will be inspired by wherever the wind takes me. I would also love to hear if you guys have any ideas.

Where do I begin?

Well firstly I feel like I should mention my two gorgeous girls (Adeline, 4, and Camilla, 2). If you are a parent, you'll know it's just.. well I can't even put it into words... it's everything, mixed with some seriously challenging moments of course. I also have a needy Cocker Spaniel (Bonnie) and a wonderfully supportive husband (Thom) - who without, I'm pretty sure Lottie Bone Photography wouldn't be here.

I'll let you into a little secret - this isn't actually my first Blog. When Adeline was born I decided to create a Motherhood Blog alongside my personal instagram account. I actually won an award for 'Yorkshire Parenting Blogger 2021', how mad is that?

I love blogging, I think it's the sense of helping others, sharing your experiences from being honest and vulnerable. If you are showing the world something that is real, I believe that is where you make a difference and a connection with often total strangers. (I will link my personal blog at the bottom of this post. If you really want to get to know me!)

What else should I share with you? Well, I am also a bit of a Drama Queen - I love to sing - I love musicals, the theatre, music in general. I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan and I could also watch Friends back to back forever.

Some years ago after completing my degrees in Performing Arts at Harrogate and Leeds, I undertook my teaching degree at Bradford College - with some travels along the way including working in the USA (where I met the husband) at a kids summer camp! Since then, I've worked as Head of Drama at a private school in Ilkley for 9+ years. I have the same feeling I do when I teach Drama as I do when I take photos. It's the feeling of happiness, excitement, achievement and I feel my best when i'm doing it.

The Year Of Change.

Through the past few years my confidence and self-belief in myself has suddenly changed - and that's not always been the case. I've previously doubted myself a lot and struggled to put myself out there. One thing I do know is that whatever I put my mind too, I do it 100%. I'm an all or nothing kinda person.

So 2022 was the year of change for me - I built confidence in myself & my ability. I am learning to stop letting imposter syndrome spoil my chances at opportunities. I'm learning that doing things out of your comfort zone is scary- yes, but also essential... especially when you start your own business... and it's also so exciting! I also wanted to show my girls that nothing should hold you back- even if it is sometimes a bit scary.

One example that springs to mind - last year I applied for a job as an event photographer at Yorkshire Tots Fest and firstly I hesitated as it wasn't something I had ever done before. I remember messaging my bestie and saying shall I do it? What if I mess it up? But I knew I had to believe that it was something I could do. And with a little encouragement and a word with myself, I ended up getting the job after sending over my portfolio and I smashed it! I absolutely loved it as well and the result was a repeat booking for this year and another children's festival booking me as well (last year and again this year!).

This is why it is so important to take these opportunities and believe in yourself. If I didn't do that festival I would have never realised that I had the ability to capture photos like that. It showed me that I am capable of so much more. I almost surprised myself! I remember editing the photos and saying to my husband 'Oh I'm good', something I never used to say...

The birth of Lottie Bone Photography

So 2021 the birth of Camilla was the same year I began Lottie Bone Photography. I think I have always had the eye for photography and loved capturing moments. It began with landscape photography, closely followed taking photos of my dog... and then the girls were born and that's when the true essence of photography became very apparent to me. The way it truly made me feel and also how it made others feel. It was true love.

If we go back to the birth of Camilla, I think during my maternity leave I did realise that I had lost sight of who I was, or not being sure what it was that I was good at before I became a parent. It's pretty common. I think I just totally lost myself in the whirlwind of being a mama and at the time there was nothing wrong with that. I love it after all. But, what else was there besides that? I needed something else. Something that was mine. It was time that I found out.

I don't actually remember the precise moment I realised I could do it, but Photography was always there. I'm not going to tell you my life story so I'll keep it brief. But at age 21 my Mum & Dad bought me my first DLSR camera. It was a hobby, my Dads actually! I loved watching him take photos, edit them and bring them to life with just a click of a button - our house was full of his photos on every wall. It was something we bonded over and loved to discuss. So the hobby continued for 10 years. One thing I noticed is that when I began posting my photos on Instagram and Flickr I got so many positive comments. Talk about a boost! I think it was there I began to realise I may be a natural at this.

So I guess you could say that's how it began, It gave me the confidence and I loved it!

The Epiphany..

When Adeline & Camilla were born, I was obsessed with taken their photos. Who isn't? It was then apparent, Motherhood Photography became my thing. They soon made me realise the importance of capturing the early days, the memories. Because as we all know, and as cliche as it sounds, it goes so fast! Why did I never think of it before?! Capturing my own family on days out, holiday or even just playing - I loved it. Some days, I sit with my girls and we look through our photos and videos of past holidays and days out and laugh, sometimes cry (ok maybe that's just me). But we re-live that memory there and then. Talk about it. It usually ends with Adeline asking if we can go again.

So I think that's when I realised... I realised that I needed to put all my self-doubt aside if I was going to do this. I spent the rest of my maternity leave learning, practising and basically getting better at it. I bought a camera, borrowed my Dad's lenses, and began to see what I could do. Here are some of the first photos I took. Although I know I have improved immensely this still makes me smile. I was working out natural lighting, poses, editing, props and more. One thing I have learned is, you never stop learning and you constantly get better.

In just one year I have managed to establish a brand, some great clients and, truthfully, new friends (and not just my clients but other photographers too - my own personal cheerleaders besides my closest friends & family). It's a wonderful industry to be in and I am so happy that I took the risk to do it because it has certainly paid off.

What is my style of Photography?

I remember when I began creating my website it came to my "about me" section. I knew it was probably important that I talk about my style of Photography. There are so many styles, believe me. From documentary, storytelling etc. And I remember thinking, what is my style? I've never really thought about. Do I already have one?

I have always just seen my photography as a form of expression. I've never put a label on it. I don't think I've ever seen my work as a particular style, it's just me, a reflection of me. How I interpret that moment and that scene that I'm photographing at that time.

Oh the panic! I remember asking my husband of all people (no offence Thom, but you can't take a photo to save your life) but I do trust his judgement and his way of being brutally honest with me. He made it clear that my photography was always natural or in his words "not posed".

I remember then reading about photography styles and an interesting blog came up about how your style is whatever you make it, whatever you create naturally and also it may change over time. Kind of what I was saying above. Perhaps there isn't just one style. Maybe we shouldn't pigeon hole ourselves into one category.

I didn't put any pressure on it and just carried on doing what I love, I tried to not compare myself to other photographers (which is so hard). I just kept on taking photos and creating images I loved. I also played around with different editing (which is another mine field, believe me). I created something that I naturally gravitated towards and that felt most like me. My style then became suddenly more apparent... and feedback from clients also confirmed; Natural, Authentic, Relaxed and Fun.

I want everybody who comes to see me to feel relaxed and be able to be fully themselves. This is when you can truly create the most honest and beautiful photographs. My photography will capture natural moments, it will also be posed in some places. There will be lots of times where the photography is documented. There is one thing I am certain of and that is, my photography is real.


This year I did a thing. I read through all of my reviews- yes I really did do that!- and I picked out the key themes that kept coming up. What my past clients said regularly. And do you know what they were?

'Lottie was very friendly and made us welcome..'

'On arrival we were greeted with the most friendliest face, a lovely environment and was super friendly throughout the shoot which made us all feel so at ease..'

'Lottie is a wonderful Photographer, with the patience of a saint, helpful, funny, compassionate, enthusiastic ..'

'Lottie is amazing, our session was so relaxed and fun - she is just wonderful with the little ones..'


Lottie has captured fabulous photos of our family on two occasions. She puts us all at ease and is brilliant with our little ones..'

'She was so lovely and very engaged with the kids. She made the shoot feel very natural and relaxed as opposed to trying to get two kids to pose!..'

So there we go!

I think I nailed what I wanted to achieve. How I wanted my clients to feel.

This year I want to learn more, push myself more and do everything I can to succeed. It's hard work. But when I'm taking photos, meeting families and editing/delivering your galleries it is seriously the most rewarding feeling. I get a buzz every time.

To know that I have created something that means so much to you. That will live on for decades, is just so special.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” Said a wise person!

Let's talk again

I never know how to summarise these things. And I think my last quote sums it up perfectly but I do want to thank you all for every click, like, comment, share and recommendation. If it wasn't for your constant love & support, Lottie Bone wouldn't be where it is today. So I am forever grateful. Please continue to show your support because it means the world to me!

But for now... I bid you farewell - I hope you enjoyed, laughed and maybe even decided to share my details / website with someone you know!

Thanks again for your lovely support here's to an exciting 2023!

You are THE best.

Love Lottie x


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